Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mission ROck StAr Success!!!!!!!!!!! er failure.

I own and run my own little kayak school, my sole minion and I decided it was high time for me to pic up my boats from Jackson we pile into my trusty er, rusty old CRV and we are off.

SideBar.  Carly is Going to have a baby, I have decided not to go to worlds for the first time since 1999.  Painful, depressing, sad, heart wrenching but necessary.  Carly is not going to be a sugar momma for a little while and one of us has to make money.  Mango the dog only fetches so show circuit money wasn't much of an option.  My 100,000 a year contract from Jackson and show business was just bearly keeping my princess happy enough. so I have to work a bunch for us to continues our lavish lifestyle.  So, I miss worlds for a  year to make some money that's why my name won't be found at worlds this year.

Not mango but my buddies dog.....  So funny.
Now Back to the Boat pick up.   I roll into the Border to pick up my boats and my buddy beside me is growing his beard out for 80's Party night.  Now I am not gonna lie, I would have to start growing a year in advance to have anything substantial for 80's night so I don't bother.  But That beard I know that got us pulled over for the old Rubber glove inspection.  I go to pull in for the inspection and the front end of my car falls off.  Well just the tire, stearing arm, cv, ball joint. the rest is spelt $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$  It took us about 14 hours to make a 4 hr journey.  What started out a happy day turned into a 500$ kick in the groin.  The Mechanics were cool about helping us get out boats while we waited all day for the thing to get fixed....

My kayak school sidekick Graham Ball.

Someone needs a new Car... TRUCK.  I have been pushing the envelope a bit with the girl while she is Pregnant.

I thought since she was in a fragile state I would see if I could pull off getting my hand gun licence a truck and possibly a human slingshot.  I saw it on youtube and feel incomplete without it.   The gun thing was quite a fight really but I felt that since I was having a girl I would need one for that horrible day, a boy came a knocking at my dood.  I actually want to be good at shooting it when the first dirty little kayaker showed up at my door for my little girl.  Made good sence to me.  Now what I told carly was......  I made the mistake of telling her that I needed it to shoot zombies, and that just made her mad.  What I didn't know was she had to sign the paper work for met o get a gun....  So Not my best move, "your about as subtle as a sledge Hammer Harris"  My room Graham would say.  Then on top of all that my buddy is selling a Truck, which I have been in love with since 2009 and now think I am going to buy....  I am turning into a Valley Red Neck......  and were married so she can't leave... so sweet.

Ill Have an update on the new Rock star when I have had more than a surf session on Kahuna to get the feel of it....

Billy Harris  as always on a mission

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