Sunday, April 17, 2011


Creeking Tips For First time HUCKSTERS!!
Billy Harris
Picture By Laura Finnegan. Fish Hatchery-MACKFESTIVAL Ontario Canada

Running a river can always get the heart rate up.  From the first time river trip to the class five “knarbuckle”.  There are some tips that you can use that will always put you in a good position to make good choices, as well as keep you on top of the proverbial food chain.

TIP #1

When running a river never use more than 25% power.  Power very rarely works to your advantage.  When you set up without power you have more options.  It keeps you calm, rapids come up slower, and you will have sustained energy for the entire river.  “When should I use 100%”.  Someone asked me this.  My answer, “you will always know when you need 100%.  Your goal is to never need it!!!

TIP #2

Float at an angle when running something new.  That angle should be set on a back ferry angle.  That way you have 2 options when you see something you don’t like.  Forward paddling or back ferrying away form the obstacle.


NEVER Follow if you can help it.  Following always puts you at a disadvantage.  When you follow you don’t learn to read water and you just interpret the rapid from the persons rate of stroke or their angle.  You stop looking at what the river is doing, and you learn nothing but hard lessons.


When learning to run rivers or running a river the first time there is a steadfast rule that not just makes sense but also makes you feel better about running something new.  EDDYS!!!  Your safe in an eddy for the most part.  Don’t you leave the eddy unless you have scouted the line or you see another eddy you would be safe in.  Pick the eddy out and decide if you can catch it safely.  If the answer is yes than go for it. 


Float the inside of a corner.  Floating the inside of an un-known Turn is a best practice.  The water is slower there, and junk gets deposited on the outside of river bends. 

Common sense is not all that common these days.  If you see a horizon line catch an eddy.  Natural selection in this world is a gift that keeps on giving.  Look understand and see what is ahead of you before you leap.  Its your responsibility to play and river run safe.  Do it as safe as you can, more often than not, the rapid will be there next time so walk if you don’t think you can pull it off.

Monday, April 11, 2011

MiSsIoN. Mackfest

Level Six wanted me to do down to Mackfest and do what I do best.  Help people learn how to be better play boaters.  They Hook me up each year with beautiful gear for myself and my wife and considering I would have gone to Mackfest wearing their gear it was a hell of a nice box of goodies I got when I showed up at the event.  Each year I go to Mackfest I am always amazed at how many people come out of the woodwork.  From the Organizing behind the scenes to the people how just stand up and take over.  I feel our community is blessed with an abundance of great people.
Cale the man behind it all.

There were some low lights,  Ben Ayilsworth in some drunkin stuper took a dump on the hood of my car.  Normally It would not bother me so much but there was really no reason..... None.  Not to mention,  I wouldn't have known who it was but there was GUM BOOT marks on my bumper and I had my suspicions.
S&M Ben

Franky Managed to get Robbie Z fromt he Cornwall Crew, on a pair of running stilts and in turn managed to get quite a few drunk people to race around with them on.  There was a broken leg but it had nothing to do with the stilts.  Come to think of it there was a dislocated shoulder and plenty of skinned knuckles.   Someone smacked into Matt Hamiltons Truck which was going to happen sooner or later.
if you know who hit this truck, keep it a secret.......

Hope this one doesn't go missing.......
Well all in all it was a wicked time.  Couple people ran the fish hatchery section from the dam down.  Apparently fun to watch.  But the best part was seeing everyone.  It seems like there are so many good people in the paddling comunity.  Minus Ben and the guy who hit Mattys truck. And possibly these two random junkies from Marmora I think......>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  
great Party....

Hope to see everyone at KING OF CLUBS...... Billy OUT
ANGRY HIPPIE......ok not so angry.