Monday, September 12, 2011

Mission: Live and Die in Character

Family time with Mya my niece

Its the End of the season for Billy Harris it went by like a freight train.  They never go by slowly really each year seems to go faster and faster adn I get to sprout another grey hair as each month passes.  Kayaking this year has seen the new boat has been really good to me.  The Rock Star large for me at 210 lbs has been fantastic!  Also getting better and better are the kids in the area.  For me its been a great year and a harsh year in many ways.  I have been working and managing a new career, paddling early in the morning and in the evenings Teaching and running my own little kayak school.  Thank you all so much for coming to see me by the way.

  During this however about a month ago my back went all wonky.  Nothing that won't get better, but It has in many ways really made me suck my thumb a bit.  I would like to say I have taken it in stride but I haven't.  I have been moping about the house, worried that all that I train for is slipping away.   In turn I have had to be off the water for more than a month. Sure I get out to teach, and I always do a couple loops or take a ride on garb, but its not been the same since I tweaked it.  I can't put any real power into the movements without a preconceived risk on my part and that mentality really works against you.  As an athlete, and like most things you have a curve in your performance.  I know this because of a couple factors, my game isn't as tight as it used to be, full stop.  Sure the grey hairs I keep finding in the mirror aren't helping my mind at all, but thats really an excuse more than anything else.  I just have to slow down wait to heal, and this winter will be a great time to do that I think.

Thank you all for supporting my kayak school this year.  It has been very nice to teach so many of you I get great feedback and to be honest I live vicariously through each of you .  IF you have taken a lesson from me you know that the end of each lesson I ask, "What did you learn today, that will effect change in your paddling".  I also often give out homework assignments as well on more cerebral things too but.  But I too have learned much and here is what I have learned so far this year.

Your life is what you make it, but its your attitude that makes it happen.  The attitude on the rough days spells out who you are not on the good days. 
You can't always get to go paddling, no matter how much you would like to.
If you are a teacher you can't teach everyone, when that happens its your job to send them on to somone that can teach them in a different way.
Airscrews are a beautiful way to ruin a perfectly healthy back.  50 or 60 at garborator will do a real number on them. 
Last but not least, Festivals, kayaking competitions, both freestyle and downriver are great opportunities to get better.  ATTEND them, you learn so much about yourself.